Couples Share Their Online Dating Success Stories

Love stories that turned international online dating to marriage

Read 1000’s of stories from couples who never gave up on their dreams. Each broadened their horizons to find Love even though at times the distance was over 8,000 km away. Long distance relationships were no barrier making it work, emailing, skype and meeting up. Find out more in their stories, tips to date online and breaking international barriers.

Neha & Rohan India & India
jordan & Yulia United States & Russia
Steve & Tanya United States & Ukraine
Bob Windham & Svetlana Nenasheva USA &
Elena & Scott Ukraine & United States
Yuliya & Victor Ricardo Russia & Mexico
Fred & Svetlana United States & Russia
Natalia & Alex Russia & United States
Alex & Natalia United States & Russia
Andrew & Lola United Kingdom & New Zealand
Arthur & Tania United States & Ukraine
Rohan & Neha India & India

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